Winter Warmer Care Package

Reiki in Worcester & Malvern


You have just received a wonderful Reiki healing session which has left you feeling really relaxed BUT now you must go out in the cold or rain and make your way home.

Talk about coming back to the real world with a bump!

Not anymore!!

If you live in Malvern or Worcester, I have the perfect solution for you.

Reiki in the comfort of your own home!

That’s right, I battle the elements and come to you!

This means after your healing session, you can continue in your state of bliss much longer.

And the added BONUS is… I will carry out a space cleansing!!

So, not only is your energy cleansed and rebalanced, but your home's energy is too!

Around Christmas and the New Year is the perfect time for this, just think of all the different energies that have entered your home during the festive period. Family, friends and all those gifts each hold there own energy which disrupts your homes personal energy.

The best part is, I'm offering all this healing for just £50 through December & January! Normal price £65

Merry Christmas to you!