Spiritual Empowerment Circle

Beginning on August 31st 2020

£22 Month Subscription 

Claim Your Sovereignty!

Psychic development isn't about meeting your Spirit Guide or receiving guidance from Spirit. These are false light teachings. Beware any teachings that take you outside of yourself. 

You are a spiritual being, you do not need another being, physical or non physical, to tell you anything, you have direct access to pure source consciousness because you are a unique spark of divine light. You just need to uncover your soul power.  

Stop trusting in an outside energy entity for wisdom and knowledge. All is within you!

Join me in a journey of self-discovery, outside of time and space.

Each month we will focus on one aspect of spiritual healing and psychic developmnet.

You will release negative emotions and beliefs, reframe your mindset, heal your heart centre, and master your energy system.  

Develop a new understanding of spiritual development, free from the false light matrix that has infiltrated the majority of spiritual teachings that are so popular today. 

Ascension is a rediscovery of your true soul self.

Each month includes:

  • 4 x weekly lessons delivered on teachable
  • Facebook support group 
  • Monthly Q&A zoom call