Reiki 1 Training Malvern

This is a complete training in Usui Reiki level 1, Shoden (first teachings).
Reiki First Degree is focused on becoming accustomed to the Reiki energy through self-healing.

Heal past experiences
Release limiting beliefs, old patterns and blocks
Clear and balance your energy system
Becoming a clear channel

This is an introductory course, including attunement. to start your Reiki journey.
You won’t learn everything there is to know about reiki in this course as reiki is a personal journey developed over time with commitment and practise.

What this course will give you is;

A solid foundation to grow from

Attunement to the Reiki energy

During Reiki 1 you will learn;

What Reiki is
How Reiki works
The history of Reiki
The five principles
How to practice Gassho
The Chakra system
The Aura system
The endocrine system
The lymphatic system
How to carry out energy exercises
What an attunement is
The different levels of Reiki
How to complete the 21 day cleanse
Level 1 techniques
How to carry out Reiki healing sessions on yourself, family and pets
Different ways to incorporate Reiki into your life
What a healing response is

Reiki level 1 provides you with a Reiki healing, the attunement and a practical session.
You will receive a comprehensive manual, a certificate and ongoing support.


There are two ways I provide Reiki 1 training:

  1. Online 
  2. In person


The online course is accessed through my online academy where the manual is broken down into bitesized lessons. The healing and attunement will take place distantly on zoom video call with plenty of time to chat and ask questions. At the end of the course you will find a PDF manual to download and print off. Upon completion of the course and attunement a certificate will be emailed to you. £111

The in person course will take place in Malvern UK. £150