My Story

When I began my training in Reiki I had a dream of being a successful Reiki Master Teacher running a full-time practice, helping others to heal and learn Reiki themselves.

Since completing my Reiki Master Teacher training I have been told:

“No-one makes a full time living from Reiki”

“You can’t charge much for Reiki.”

“There’s too many reiki practitioners around here.”

“No-one wants to pay much for Reiki.”


“No-one will pay for distance healing.”

Now, I instantly recognise these as their own limiting beliefs, but these phrases have stayed with me none the less.

I have researched my local competitors and sure enough these messages were reinforced by many!

I have kindly had Reiki offered to me at a discount

(Time to be completely honest here!)

I admit it…

Due to the low price, I found myself wondering if the service is any good compared to others!

Shocking right?!!

I was doubting her ability!

What I realised is, this comes back to the way we are wired!

How many times have you heard the saying “You get what you pay for” or something similar?

Now, over the years I have seen this running theme with Level 2 Reiki Practitioners and Level 3 Reiki Masters alike.

Many Reiki peeps really struggle with the idea of charging for something so spiritual as Reiki or just want to help people and believe giving Reiki for free is a spiritual act of goodness.

But, the bottom line is…
By offering your services for a cheaper rate or free, you are devaluing Reiki and what you do!

And, if you don’t value what you do, why would anyone else?

I struggled with setting my prices too! I have put them up and put them down and put them back up again, offered free taster sessions, and provided Reiki free of charge!

I also tried charging for my time instead, as recommended by so many but this made me feel rubbish!

I have doubted my ability, I have doubted Reiki, I have lost self-esteem and I didn’t believe in myself or what I was offering!

I felt like a fraud!

I have been in turmoil, because all I want to do is help others and earn a decent income to provide for my children!

How hard can that be, right?!!


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