Who I am now is very different to who I once was…
As a survivor of domestic abuse, I have been through massive transformation and personal growth, during which, I have come to recognise who I truly am, my soul-self and my soul purpose.
Heavily pregnant aged 23, I became single, and homeless, as I tried to escape abuse but anyone who has a child with a perpetrator knows, leaving does not stop the abuse!
I was subjected to many more years of mental, emotional and physical abuse, as was my son.
Like so many I received no child maintenance. I remember one time I even had to sell some pieces of furniture to pay my bills!

Recovery from Domestic Abuse

I completed the Freedom Programme and many more courses that were on offer such as pattern changing.
My son attended a feeling safe course alongside me which helped him to recognise his dad’s behaviour as abuse. He made the decision that it was not ok for him to be treated this way and chose to stop contact.
As my perpetrator dragged me through court, I fought for my sons right to be safe and not have contact with his dad if he chose not to. I was threatened with prison for breaking the court order, but still I would not make my son have contact with his perpetrator! (Why should he! Right?!) The whole process was mentally, emotionally and physically draining! This led me to seek help from a confidence life coach.
These sessions brought about much change in me and SAVED MY LIFE!
I worked through my depression, built up my self-esteem and confidence and found direction in my life. I trained to become a Life Coach.
I also went on to be part of starting up 2 major support groups in my area for survivors of domestic abuse.
With my new-found knowledge and insight of how abusers operate I felt ready to move on and put myself out there. I met a guy on a dating site. We fell in love and had 2 children. Did we live happily ever after? No!! He was a liar and an alcoholic! I understand alcoholism is a mental health issue but there is no excuse for abuse! As he upped the ante and I recognised the signs, I ended the relationship.
I felt like a failure!!
A single mum to 3 boys, the youngest only a few months old!
It was now that I trained to be an EFT Practitioner and I literally tapped that man out of my life!!
I tapped to keep depression at bay, I tapped to release the anger and humiliation I felt, and I tapped to attract abundance.
I tapped on my confidence to go for what I wanted and trained as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher!

Fighting for our rights in a failing Education System

I now had a new battle with my eldest son’s school and his dad to get him the support he deserved and a diagnosis. It took a few years before he was finally diagnosed with Aspersers. He suffered greatly in the school system, he went off the rails and was suicidal, resulting in social services being involved. (A failing service which had already failed him once before and totally lost his trust! A service which puts the abusive father’s rights before that of the child!)
Those years are a blur of battle after battle with professional after professional and each time a side battle with his dad trying to gain control. It was exhausting!! I drew upon all my skills I had learnt to get through each battle, each day, each year and most importantly find the energy to support my son and keep him alive!

Recognising the signs of Autism in my middle son I pushed hard for him to be assessed early on so as not to let him struggle in the school system like his older brother. Thankfully, his school was supportive, and he was assessed through reception year and diagnosed with Autism, specifically Aspersers. Despite his school putting many strategies in place his self-esteem was already being damaged.

My youngest son had struggled with separation anxiety after a traumatic experience at his nursery, he held it together at school putting himself under immense pressure which was instantly released like an explosion as soon as he came out of school.

When my eldest finally agreed to deregister from school in December 2016 to home educate I took the plunge and deregistered all three. I do not agree with our school system, I believe it is outdated, too heavily tested and the one size fits all approach to education is failing many children especially SEN kids.

I believe a child’s education journey should be as individual as they are. 

My spiritual and personal growth

Through all this I have learnt how to over-come life’s challenges for optimum spiritual growth.

It is my time to live in an abundance of love, health, happiness and wealth!

As I said at the beginning of my story, who I am now is very different to who I once was, my personal vibration is much higher and now my experiences reflect this, my life reflects this, the people in my life reflect this.

I want you to know... whatever stage of recovery you are at… I GET YOU… believe me, I have been there too!

I have transcended from survival to recovery to BE-ing!

If I can achieve this so you can you!