Emerald Ascension Healing

Harmony Burnbright Emerald Ascension Healing

During an Emerald Ascension Healing I connect with my Spirit Guide - Black Hawk, Archangel Raphael, Master Hilarion, Mother Mary and Jeshua to channel the Green Ray and Emerald Flame.  

These divine energies are from the 5th Ray and 7th dimension.

The Green Ray of light represents healing, knowledge and prosperity.

The Emerald Flame is the Flame of balance and truth.

Master Hilarion is the Chohan of the 5th Ray. Once known as St Paul, the Apostle, Ascended Master Hilarion focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray.

Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of healing, is the Angel of the 5th Ray. 

A powerful, high frequency, healing session channelling Ascended Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael.


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