Ascension Healing Session Healing the survivor to become sovereign

Ascension ealing for female survivors of domestic abuse. Helping you to shift from survivor of abuse into full sovereignty.  Reclaim all of your power!!

An ascension healing session focuses on releasing, transforming and transmuting any lower vibrational effects remaining in your mind, body and energy system, from the trauma you have experienced. 

Negative experiences create negative responses. If negative experiences happen repeatedly this hardwires negative subconscious thought patterns into your brain, creating limiting beliefs and reactive behaviours. Trauma can leave you stuck in the fight or flight response. You may suffer with high anxiety and live in a state of high alert. This impacts terribly upon your mental, emotional and physical health.

Being stuck in grief, fear, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, low self-esteem, self-doubt for long periods of time is caused by lack of connection to the Divine pure source love energy.

If you are stuck in, or you are easily triggered into, a state of grief, fear, anxiety, self-doubt or overwhelm, you need to reclaim your sovereignty. It is time to heal from past experiences, childhood conditioning and human programming, on a cellular level, releasing all that no longer serves you, allowing you to access your divine power and true destiny in the world.

Ascension Healing helps you transcend into a new state of being by altering your neurological, biochemical and energetic state through your Ascension Healing Chakra System.

How does the healing work?
During an Ascension Healing Session I channel pure light source energies through your ascension healing chakra system, working in each chakra to uncover and release lower vibrations, emotions, thought and behaviour patterns, heal the chakra / endocrine system correlation and balance your divine feminine and divine masculine energies to bring about a state of homeostasis.


Areas of focus:

Limbic System - including the Autonomic Nervous System, Fight or Flight Response and Endocrine System 

Clear non physical entity attatchments 

Cord Cutting between you and your perp

Balance energy system

Open heart chakra

Balance divine masculine and divine feminine, Crysto Sophia energies



What's the difference between Ascension Healing and Reiki?
During an Ascension Healing Session I channel a higher frequency or lighter density energy, than Reiki which is a 5th dimensional energy. In other words, we are accessing and utilising a different part of consciousness, infact it is the pure source consciousness of Prime Creator.

Ascension Healing Session

Receiving an Ascension Healing session is an excellent form of self-care. I am here to support you in your journey of personal ascension. The releasing stage of a spiritual awakening can be brutal with all the hurt and pain of past experiences being brought forward for you to release, it's exhausting and repetitive! It can feel like an endless cycle of stuff that you thought you had already dealt with, reappearing again and again. You may feel like giving up on spiritual development, you may feel disheartened and even struggle with depression.

But know this... You are not alone!

I am here to help you.

Hang in there. Keep clearing. This too shall pass. And when it does, rest! Be gentle with yourself, love yourself, heal.

You enter the void, the darkness, separation. You become the caterpillar in the cocoon shedding your old self, getting ready to emerge as your new self, fully awakened and in alignment ready to walk your soul path.

Are you a female survivor of domestic abuse? If so, your mind, body and energy system have been deeply impacted. 

Do you experience fatigue, stress, anxiety. 

Are you often on high alert?