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Through Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery you will connect with the high frequency archetypes of Ascended Masters, Archangels and a Goddess.

Who are these higher realm beings? Let me introduce you to:

Master Hilarion
The Chohan of the green ray, he helps you to develop your healing abilities and gain mastery over your third eye.

Archangel Raphael
The angel of the green ray also helps you develop your third eye. He teaches us how to use our own healing capacity. He teaches us about the root cause of all illnesses and how our individual karma works.

Archeia Mareia
The Archangel's feminine counterpart, Archeia Mareia is the twin flame of Archangel Raphael. Known as the Queen of Angels, Archeia Mareia was embodied as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She is a powerful archetype of the Divine Feminine, of carrying the inner Goddess power and being able to master love for self, as well as for others.

Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena has been serving as Chohan of the 12th Ray but also holds a seat on the karmic board, where she represents the 5th Ray. She is Goddess of truth, wisdom and strategy. The original Keeper of the Flame of Truth.

If you would like to develop a deep connection with these powerful teachers, join me on Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery

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