What is Emerald Ascension Healing?

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You may be wondering what on earth Emerald Ascension Healing is and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about it.

Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery is a holistic personal development program to align mind, body and soul.

Through the Ascension Chakra System, you will release past conditioning, programming and experiences that have impacted on your self-worth, self-belief, self-love causing anxiety, fear and self-doubt.

We explore how your nervous system and endocrine system are affected and how these relate to your chakras in the science of healing.

Through Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery you learn how to balance your divine feminine and divine masculine energies and why this is important for achieving full alignment and how this results in the wholeness and wellness that we all seek.

Emerald Ascension Healing is a pathway to personal healing, psychic development and ascension. It is a journey of self discovery. A process of releasing the old you and stepping into a new state of being.

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