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I'm sure you have heard about the Jupiter conjunct Pluto astrological event that is happening now. There is much information about it but what you may not know is that an Asteroid called Pallas Athena is also part of it.

On the 2nd of April this Jupiter, Pluto coupling had already started and according to the brilliant astrologer Kelley Rosano, Pallas Athena is there too.

Pallas Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, Truth and Strategy.

Pluto is the destroyer - death and rebirth.

Jupiter brings optimism, hope and expansion.

To move from death and rebirth to positive expansion we need a strategy created from truth and wisdom!

And guess what...

On the 2nd it was brought to my conscious awareness that Pallas Athena is the Goddess of the Green Ray, she is a member of the Karmic Board, where she serves as the representative on the Fifth Ray of Truth, Healing, Knowledge and Prosperity.

I only watched Kelley's video last night and realised the significance of my spiritual download. Needless to say I have followed my guidance and added Pallas Athena into my Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery course.

This beautifully balances the divine feminine with the divine masculine of Master Hillarion and Archangel Raphael which I had been asking about for well over six months. Talk about divine timing hey!

So, if you would like to learn more about this powerful Goddess and how to work with her to achieve your own personal healing and expansion of consciousness, ask me about my course.

This is a program to support you through your personal spiritual awakening and what better time to do this than during a global awakening.

 Find more information on my Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery course here.

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