Do you feel called to heal on a deep level?

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Collectively we are going through a great awakening.

Personally we are being called to slow down, turn inwards, discover our true authentic self and release that which no longer serves us.

This isn't achieved by simple rituals like writing it down and burning the paper or by focusing on one thing like mindset.

It is time to go deeper than that.

Right down into the core of your being.

Holistically, approaching the issue through mind, body and spirit.

Mentally, physically and energetically.

Psychologically, Scientifically and Spiritually.

In my course I lead you on a healing journey through 22 chakras, combining Psychology, biology and energy healing.

You will learn:

To understand your energy system and it's relation to your physical body

To release childhood conditioning, human programming and low vibrational energy. Heal.

To balance and harmonise the divine feminine and divine masculine within

To anchor yourself into the earths crystaline grid at the same time as securing direct connection to source

To connect with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Goddess

This will result in:

Better health, wealth and wellbeing

Expanding your consciousness and developing your psychic abilities

Living in alignment with ease and flow

Manifesting more powerfully

Is this just what you need? Message me to apply for your place on Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery.

Have questions? Arrange a call with me.

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