Ascension is not a straight path

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Ascension Expectation V Reality


When I began my spiritual development journey I thought it would be a straight path of spiritual growth.

A journey from A to B with a beginning and an end. Moving from where I was, to a more spiritually aware place of love and enlightenment.

From my current vibration to a higher vibration.

From this state of consciousness to a more expanded state of consciousness.

A beautiful path of ascension.

Boy was I wrong!

Ascension is messy! It's hard. It's a weaving journey through different stages. Maybe you have to repeat some stages. It is a unique path for each of us.

The stage of the great purge is the releasing stage. This is where you let go of all that no longer serves you, the old beliefs, childhood conditioning, human programming. The painful experiences, trauma and hurt, unhealthy patterns and behaviours that developed from those experiences.

This is deep work and can take years.

Emerald Ascension Healing Self-Mastery teaches you how to release core issues through 22 chakras with the high vibrational energy of the Green Ray.

You are supported through this process by Archangels, Ascended Masters and Goddess.

The result is improving your physical, emotional and mental health, raising your vibration/energetic frequency, deepening your connection to source and psychic mediumship, and improve your abilities to heal and manifest.

You move into alignment and live in a state of flow 💖

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