Reiki Practitioners and Masters, you are NOT achieving your financial goals because you are NOT charging your worth!

It's really important to get this right because if you struggle with charging this impacts upon EVERYTHING! 

When you undercharge or regularly not charging at all, you will struggle financially and need to subsidise your income! This results in burn out and loss of self-esteem, or you will give up on your dream of a full time Reiki business completely!

If you're undercharging or regularly not charging at all, you will soon burn out, lose self-esteem, struggle financially or even give up on your dream completely! 

Some common reasons for undercharging for Reiki are:

• It feels wrong to charge for something so spiritual

• You lower your price to compete with your competitors

• You believe clients don’t want to pay much for Reiki

You CAN create a sustainable business, and make burn out is a thing of the PAST!!!

I too have REALLY struggled with charging for Reiki.

For years I doubted myself!


I would ask myself;

Am I good enough?

Why would anyone want to pay me?

Why would anyone choose me over another Reiki Practitioner?


It felt too easy and I held the belief that I have to work hard to earn money.

My Story

When I began my Reiki Training I had a dream of becoming a full time Reiki Master Teacher, running a training academy and earning a good living through my passion, helping others.

Sound great, right?


I really struggled with setting my prices and charging for the service that I provided!

Want to know more about my story?

I realised I was getting in my own way and I needed to work on my mindset!

So, I did!!

I have been charging my worth for a couple of years now and I have felt the shift, I value what I offer, and my clients also value it!

If you REALLY want to achieve this too...

I have the perfect course for you!

Introducing the Block Buster Blitz for Reiki Practitioners and Masters!

During this 3 week course you will get:

• The Block Buster Blitz workbook

• A weekly, 1 hour, group, EFT session

• Membership to a pop up facebook group

• Access to ME.


What will you achieve during this course?

• You will learn how to tap to clear your old beliefs and limitations

• You will work with me to clear 100% of your resistance to charging your worth for your Reiki service

Want a chat to see if this is right for you? Arrange your FREE 20 minute discovery call.
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Not convinced you need this course?

It's easy to fall into mind traps and believe they are true. You then create your reality around them.
For example:
People don't have enough money to pay for this.

If you believe people don't have enough money to pay for your service, you are sending this thought out into the universe and that is exactly what you receive back... You are unconsciously attracting people with little money who then reinforce your belief that people have no money, so you stay in the trap of not charging your worth.

Crazy right?!

Break the cycle now!!!

Can you afford to be in the same position this time next year?