Ascension Accelerator

Are you ready to embrace your divine power?

Do you want to speed up your spiritual growth and accelerate your personal ascension?

The vibration of the planet is raising and shifting dimensions. The best way for us to support this shift is to raise our own vibration too. Our power lies within.

Are you ready for the 5th Dimensional new earth?

If not, join my Ascension Accelerator Program.

Don’t sit in a spiritual development circle for years on end or spend years being attuned to a healing modality, really invest in you, awaken your soul source power and create a powerful energetic transformation in just 9 weeks!

You will learn how to:

Heal and manifest using 7th Dimensional energies and beyond

Connect with the Green Ray and Emerald Flame with my channelled Emerald Ascension Healing

Work with Master Hilarion, Archangel Raphael and Yeshua

Work with your Unicorn Guide, Dragon Guardian, Arcturians and many more beings from the elemental realm and multiple universes.

Master your 12 Chakra System.

You will receive intensive support from me for 9 weeks

A weekly coaching or healing session 

Direct access to me via voxer private message to receive consistent support

Video trainings for you to follow and implement including personally tailored EFT tapping scripts 

A journal to work through

Personalised strategies 

Enough higher dimensional energy is filtering through for us to be living beyond the 3D reality that we came in on, so release the lower vibrations that you are still holding in your energy field, kiss goodbye to the third dimension and take a quantum leap into a high vibe reality!


Not quite ready to take this empowered action?

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Ascension Healing Circle, a group of high vibe women receiving training, fun challenges and support to raise their vibration.