You can't quite put your finger on it but there is something holding you back.

You have done so much inner work  already, consciously raising your vibration by changing your outdated mindset and beliefs. Releasing childhood conditioning and trauma., and healing your energy system, but you have hit a limit that you just can't get past it. 

It's time to go higher! 

We don't always need to go deep into things to heal and overcome them, sometimes it is better to go above them and connect to a higher frequency which will transmute lower vibrations instantly and with ease. 

A simple release. 

During an Alchemy Healing session you will receive an energy audit where I scan your quantum field to uncover what is holding you in your current energetic frequency and subconscious thought patterns. We then uncreate, transmute and transcend these with my Emerald Empowerment Method™.


Past and inherited condtiioning held in your DNA 

Limiting beliefs locked in your cellular memory 

Blocks to male energy which includes money

Become the alchemist of your life, free from resistance, free from past experiences and free from limitations.

Be all that you came here to be, fearlessly!

Step into your power to co-create and recieve with ease.

Live a life of abundance in alignment with your soul. 

Alchemy Healing Session

I uncreate, transmute and transcend your blocks using my Emerald Empowerment Method™.


Alchemy Healing Course

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