Drawing the light into the darkness

Who is Charlotte Blackwood?

I am a Priestess of Morgan Le Fay, healer and alchemist.

I help women through their spiritual awakening by combining high frequency energy healing, intuitive life coaching and quantum creating.

Become an empowered healer and alchemist who can transcend dimensions and manifest instantly by releasing your current energetic frequency and subconscious thought patterns.

A major part of soul growth and spiritual development is releasing our old way of being.

It can be a difficult, confusing and lonely time. It's not all love and light for in the depths of darkness is where real transformation takes place. If you are a survivor of domestic abuse like me this can be particularly difficult as memories and feelings of trauma resurfaces.

My aim is to support women through this phase to release, heal and create by developing a deep belief in yourself and your abilities, learning to trust your intuition implicitly.

Embrace your divine power, be the alchemist of your life!

Emerald Ascension Healing

A high frequency spiritual energy healing channelled session


Spiritual Consultation

A psychic reading combining mediumship and intuitive life coaching


Beyond Freedom EFT

Release the effects of past abuse and childhood conditioning that are holding you back


Reiki Healing Session

A relaxing and rejuvenating usui reiki healing session


Tarot Card Reading

A psychic reading using tarot and oracle cards for insight and guidance


12 Chakra System Activation Meditation

A guide to your 12 chakra system including a guided meditation


Who is Charlotte Blackwood?

My story so far...

My healing journey began after an abusive relationship.

I have walked the path that I teach, I now walk beside you, and together we rise!

"When women support each other, incredible things happen."

I have spent the last 10 years intensively focused on my personal healing and understanding my human experiences, learning as much as possible about spiritual and psychic development, energy healing, mindset and psychology, and esoteric teachings. 

I have studied Christianity, Islam and Wicca in my quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding. 

I love learning!


I have qualified as a:

Life Coach

EFT Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher

Tarot Reader



Abundance Coach

I have experienced my own spiritual awakening and through this journey I have channelled my own healing modality called Emerald Ascension Healing, a higher frequency healing energy to support other women through their ascension process. 

I am a well grounded, down to earth, energy healer who embraces my human self. I believe mastering our human self on all levels, energetically, mentally and emotionally, creates maximum spiritual growth during our time here on earth. We are spiritual beings having a human experience so embrace your human life. This is where your power lies. Heal your life experiences and childhood conditioning, step into your divine power and create an abundance of love, money and success. Become the alchemist of your life!

By focusing on yourself you not only raise your vibration but also that of the collective consciousness. That's how powerful you are!

Based in Malvern, UK, I work with amazing women all over the world via zoom video call and Facebook. 

Join my free community Ascension Alchemy Society to connect with like-minded women.