A Pragmatic Psychic, Healer & Life Coach

Charlotte Blackwood Spiritual Teacher & Healer in Malvern UK

I'm Charlotte Blackwood

Ascension Healer & Spiritual Teacher

CEO of the Ascension Healing Academy

I train women to self heal and become professional healers

I am a well grounded, down to earth, energy healer.

I believe mastering our human self on all levels, energetically, mentally and emotionally, creates maximum spiritual growth during our time on earth. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

 Embrace your human life. This is where your power lies.

Heal your life experiences and childhood conditioning, step into your divine power and create an abundance of love, money and success. Raising your vibration and that of the collective consciousness.

Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Transformation Coach

EFT Malvern Worcestershire

Beyond Freedom EFT

Are you ready to release the effects of past abuse and childhood conditioning that is holding you back in your business?

Emerald Ascension Healing

Emerald Ascension Healing

Are you ready to master your energetic system on a higher frequency level and  become a professional healer?

Ascension Accelerator

Ascension Accelerator

Are you ready for rapid soul growth by healing your energy system, transforming your mindset and co-creating your perfect lifestyle?  

My healing journey began after an abusive relationship

I've been quite the loner all my life. As a child I was happier playing on my own in my imaginary world than being with friends trying to navigate the complexities of human relationships. 

I was always the shy one, the odd one, the last one to be picked on a team, the outsider, the loner.

I never felt like I was enough.

 I didn't feel likeable or loveable. I never felt wanted. 

My healing journey began after leaving an abusive relationship. 

I provide a sacred space for you to receive spiritual healing and coaching, to support you through your personal ascension journey called LIFE!

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Charlotte Blackwood is an International Psychic Healer based in the spiritual town of Malvern in Worcestershire, UK, and in easy reach of Hereford and Worcester.

All training courses, masterclasses, circles and workshops are provided through the Ascension Healing Academy in Malvern, Worcester or online.